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Haloween Gala Donations

If you weren't interested in attending any sort of event but would still like to help, you can do so by booking a 90 min (or longer) IC, or OC session and mentioning this blog. Half of your donation for the appointment will go to the the cause. Ask me for more details when you book. This is a non-profit that's been helping neglected and abused children for more than 30 years here in Phoenix. I'd like to offer more information in my posts, but do not wish to publicly endorse them through my sexwork platform. However, for this event I felt if I could raise additional funds beyond my single donation, why not? Those who inquire will then be aware of the cause and perhaps feel called to donate on their own and bring awareness to others in the future. No pressure, no obligation. Just offering the opportunity to help a worthy cause. Honestly, if you just want to know more and how to donate, I'll tell you and you can do so directly on your own.

Kids become grownups, and they're the future of our community at large. When I look at our homeless population and see it everyday, I wonder sometimes if they have children somewhere. I wonder what percentage of them have had children removed? I'm not wondering in judgement, just out of concern because it's heartbreaking. Every individual has a story. Addiction is a powerful disease. A person is responsible for their choice to first use, but I guarantee not one of them planned on being homeless or separated from their children. Still, it happens all the time, and way too often. There's many organizations for the homeless, but most require individuals to seek a path toward sobriety. That's why they aren't very fast or affective in resolving the problem that we see growing every day. Anyway, it's not hard to figure out where these children are.

Personally, having battled my own demons, I see the best way to deal with the homeless population is to help the innocent and try to prevent them from the same fate. I figure we should help, if we can, in raising the next generation to see a better path, instill more confidence in themselves, and provide incentives with better options. Otherwise, ithe homeless population is going to multifply! I mean, I could provide training for aspiring escorts, but feel like what this and other organizations are trying to do is probably a better plan. *Haha*

Your donation will be in the amount of $300. I'm for real, but even if I wasn't you have nothing to lose if you plan to book me anyway for a 90 min (or longer) session.

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