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Annual Halloween Gala For Charity

Hello all! This year I'm attending a Halloween Gala as a fun way to donate to one of my favorite charity organizations. I RSVP by Oct 7th so I was trying to decide if I ought to fly solo or seek out a + 1. At $300 per ticket, I don't exactly have friends jumping at the opportunity and I'm not dating atm. Still, it seems like a no brainer to me that a plus one is much better than going solo because it raises twice the money. Even better I could RSVP for up to +9! Wow I can totally imagine a 10 person table. I might as well shoot for 5 dates at least! ha!

I'm not publicly sharing the name of the organization because it's to benefit children, and just feel it wouldn't be appropriate to promote the cause on this particular platform. However, anyone interested in knowing more, please contact me. I'll be happy to tell you about this amazing non-profit that's been making a difference for over 30 years. If you'd like to be my date to the gala, you'll make a $600 donation (same as a one hour OC) which will purchase 2 tickets, PLUS a one hour (IC preferable but am flexible) session sometime before the event, or whatever date/time works best for you.

If you attend the gala with me there is one condition -you must dress up in costume! There will be dinner and cocktails. It's all adults. I'll know no one there personally, and no one there will know anything about me other than my interest and modest contributions at the most. Maybe someone might recognize me from attending an event but I doubt even that much. This has nothing to do with SW being that, again, it is a charity that benefits children. Should be a good time. There will be cocktails and dinner served in a ballroom setting.

Now, you can also donate and opt out of attending the event, of course. You can donate directly if you feel in your heart you want to do so. I'll give you the website. If you want the 1 hour session and to buy the tickets as a contribution, but don't want to attend, I'll take a friend. My main goal is to raise more money than I would buying just my one ticket. Ladies, you are very welcome yo join also. It would be so kick ass to have a 10 person table of SWers & patrons there having Halloween fancy fun while supporting a worthy cause while no one has a clue. Sorry to be vague. It's no big secret, just a "need to know" basis sort of thing. So if you seriously are interested let me know and we will discuss the deets about this wonderful charity and plan for a night of Halloween fun! Oh, how I do so love to dress up! Remember, I have to RSVP by Oct 7th !

EDIT: Ladies- your donation would only be $300 because you wouldn't have a session included. You'd just be purchasing your ticket.

Men- If I have more than one date to RSVP, donation stay at $600. Half goes to the organization while I do keep the other half essentially providing the session for half price (I still gotta pay my bills) while still making a nice $300 donation for your ticket. Triple win!


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