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Screening Methods

Updated and revised on 06/22/2023

I've read some very concerning advice being shared on platform available to the public These platforms hosts men and hobbyists ranging low-life mongers to gentlemen who actually try to reason with the low-lifes, but I'll just get to the point: Gentlemen, we are aware of the risk you take when giving your info. I'd even go so far as to say you should be concerned and therefore very particular before sharing and entrusting a provider with it. Plenty of us are reputable, discreet , and trustworthy, but obviously there are many different women in this biz from all walks of life. In any case, It is crucial we have safety protocols in place fact, mandatory.

With that said, I've noticed more and more push-back on the real name/id method and I have to admit, when I first got back in the biz, it blew my mind that it had become normalized. Discretion had always been the #1 rule of the game, and still is second only to safety. The industry was much smaller before it blew up on the internet, though, and things have gradually changed for good reasons. That's why it's important that you do a little research before booking to ensure discretion and avoid scammers. I'm always trying to find the best method to offer a potential new friend and I BOTH peace of mind. The less stress the better and that goes both ways. What we are planning is supposed to be fun, so I always like to get screening out of the way first thing. Here are methods that I use. While some may seem common practice, every lady has her own way of doing things. There are no policies in place, nor has there ever been a handbook, so I speak only for myself:

  1. You send me a selfie holding your id. This is preferred for two simple reasons. A.) you vouch for yourself and aren't worried about having a record of violent crime or a reputation of mistreating other providers. B.) It's the fastest and most convenient method.

  2. In most cases I'll accept two or more references from established and current providers. The providers must be expecting to hear from me, so you'll need to contact them first to be sure they're willing. Besides, many providers consider it a common courtesy to hear from you as a "heads up" It shows me you're in good standing, that she's comfortable with it, and will likely answer. They must be active providers, have current ads linked to their own website, and you need to have seen them within the past year. This is a more time consuming method that can take up to 48 hours, but welcomed as long as the references are valid.

  3. Review sites with provider feed back, again, from reputable providers. While I'm not a fan of "kiss and tell" I am active on Private Delights, TNA board, and P411. I realize it puts new friends at ease to see positive feedback on me, and I'll admit that can go both ways. In most cases, this method is acceptable but may require additional screening depending on the circumstances.

No reputable provider wants your info for any other reason than to ensure her safety. There has to be a way to verify you or we stand to get hurt or much worse if we aren't consistent. We can search for common ground. I have worked with and around methods when a potential client was uncomfortable, but it is a case-by- case basis. I want my new friend to feel at ease to whatever extent is possible and reasonable, but all new friends must be screened- NO EXCEPTIONS. Please understand, the more comfortable I am with you, the better the experience will be for both of us. It goes both ways.

I don't understand those who have an "us-against-them" mentality. It's disheartening to see users on public message boards discouraging men from complying with reasonable screening methods. Instead of making it safer they have a mindset that puts no value on our lives. Reputable providers will not see these guys, so they're hardly ones to be giving advice. Keep that in mind. A woman should be cautious about the situations she allows herself to be in and who she sees. With that said, gentleman should also look very closely since the ones not screening too often tend to be scams.

Thank you for taking time to read this. Let's all stay safe and have fun! . XOXO- Nevada


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