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Screening Methods

Tonight I read some very concerning advice being shared on a fairly large platform available to the public (although I'm amazed by how the majority there seem to be under the impression that it's a private forum). This platform hosts hobbyist ranging form low-life mongers to gentlemen who actually try to reason with the low-lifes. I'll get to the point: Gentlemen, we are aware of the risk you take when giving your info. I'd even go so far as to say you should be concerned and therefore very particular before sharing and entrusting a provider with it. Plenty of us are reputable, discreet , and trustworthy, but obviously there are many different women in this biz from all walks of life. In any case, It is crucial for most of us to have safety protocols in place fact, mandatory.

With that said, I've noticed more and more push-back on the real name/id method and I have to admit, when I got back in the biz it blew my mind that it had become normalized. I soon learned why. That's another story. Discretion had always been the #1 rule of the game. I am always trying to get creative and thoughtful over different methods that both a potential new friend and I can be comfortable with. The less stress the better and that goes both ways. This is supposed to be fun! I'm more willing to accept just references sometimes, but the thing is.... anybody could have a couple experiences where they were on their best behavior and treated a provider or two well. That doesn't prove much more than that. Of course nobody is going to use a provider who they've mistreated somehow or taken advantage of as a reference. In fact, I recently gave a good reference for someone I'd seen, only to have the provider offer me feedback that he was awful to her. He'd been a perfect gentleman to me. For this reason, it's not my favorite method to accept on its own, with no other verification in place.

Review sites with provider feed back put me at ease. P411 is an excellent example, and even Private Delights when there's several reviews with feedback. No reputable provider wants your info for any other reason than to ensure her safety. There has to be a way to verify you or we stand to get hurt or much worse if we aren't consistent. I read a post by an asshat who tried making the point that we knew what profession we chose and the risk involved. He was strongly urging a resistance against providing any real information....not even a name! Another guy was giving explicit instructions on how to get a fake online identity beginning with LinkedIn and even how to obtain a fake id good enough to pass the thuimb-over personal info tactic a lot of use along with selfie. He was trying to get all the readers scared to death and convinced they are ruining it for every man in the hobby by giving us what we request for verification and safety, and should stop doing it, and if anything provide only something fraudulent in its place. He vowed that they were the one's in control and with the power. He wants to take us back 20 years where the provider assumes all the risk. He adamantly expressed that what he stands to lose is worth more than any providers life, and he strongly and passionately believes that and was preaching it to others. Shameful and cold-blooded! Those type of men can take to the streets then to find themselves a "companion". The industry has changed! I'm not giving the source because I don't want to give them traffic, but I will tell fellow providers if any ladies want to see for yourselves what to look out for.

In the meantime, we can search for common ground. I have worked with and around methods when a potential client was uncomfortable, but it is a case-by- case basis. I want my new friend to feel at ease to whatever extent is possible and reasonable. Remember also, the more comfortable we are around you the better the experience. It goes both ways. I don't understand those who have such an us-against-them mentality and I will never be seeing them anyway. Thank you for taking time to read this. I worry some of us ladies will get less vigilant about safety in today's climate. I saw for myself tonight with my own eyes that there are hobbyists ready push every boundary they can. Be safe ladies! Gentleman, work with us and we will work with you! We are on the same side. It's just red tape and there's usually more than one way. XOXO- Nevada

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