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SAN DIEGO.... I see you!

  • New dates for San Diego! Aug 18-21

  • This is a confirmed event! Got my place booked, along with my house/pet sitter.

  • Pre-Book now! I never schedule back-to-back appointments in a day, so there are only so many slots to fill in 3 or 4 days while I'm there. Don't make me want to stay over. I never like leaving SD as it is! ;)

  • Deposit is required ($200) since I'm touring and the planning has to be precise. It's 100% refundable should I have to cancel (which is very unlikely except in the event of an emergency.), and 100% refundable for you should something come up as long as you cancel before Aug 15th. Otherwise, you will forfeit your deposit if you back out on short notice or don't show up. I don't usually do deposits when I'm local, but feel like this is the fairest way to go about things when touring. I don't ever scam and wouldn't ruin my business for anyone's $200 anyway. So, no worries!

  • Waiting another week before I start posting in ads, so you can be the first to choose whatever time you prefer if you're seeing it here right now. Don't wait!

The beach has already pre-booked me, and I definitely won't be missing that appointment! Can't wait to see you and feel the ocean breeze! Location in Ocean Beach.

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