"Recesion Relief"

Just a few months ago, I had a rate increase for the first time. It was due, and warranted with the cost of everything skyrocketing. However I realize the recent weeks have us all a little concerned and on edge. We don't know what to expect, and many feel the need to really tighten the belt on spending. The first thing to cut is always extras such as entertainment and luxuries. I am aware. With that said for a limited time, I've reversed my normal rate back to the original. I don't want those who've been thinking they'd like to see me to feel that's out of reach for their budget between the recession and my recent increase. This is only temporary so don't wait! Additionally, I tend to lock in those who return at their original donation. Gentlemen only!

Also, to clear up any confusion.... when I initially posted the increase, it was intended to not affect anyone I've seen more than once or twice and have good rapport with. I've had regulars who weren't sure they were included, and I understand why there was confusion. I should've been more clear. I've been back only a year, so if we've gotten together before, and I'm familiar with you that counts in my book. A lot of people travel or are out of state, so there's only so much time and opportunity. If you want to see me once a month or once a week that's wonderful! But that isn't what you have to do to be considered a regular in my book. Just don't be a stranger....especially if you use me for a reference. If in doubt, please just ask! I will not take offense. I look very forward to seeing you! XOXO, Nev