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Nevada Now Offering Daytime IC In Scottsdale!

Accepting pre-bookings for this upcoming week. I now have a nice private IC near Old Town! Once I get an idea of the best days for myself and my new friends I plan to have a more set schedule for you spontaneous gentleman. As of right now, a sweet provider friend hooked me up, so I'll need to make arrangements.... which I'm eager to do immediately! I just need to plan ahead as I get things started. So please text (preferrably) or email with the day/time that would work best for you (be prepared for light screening) and I'll get to planning! Super stoked about this! It's something I've been trying to make happen for a while. Can't wait! xoxo- Nevada

EDIT: Please note the donation is same as OC to cover a portion of travel expenses, additional time, and venue. It actually costs me more than OC but it's worth it to make new connections. 😘

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