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Instagram & TikTok

A little while ago I created an IG. I have a hard time taking to a new platform. I spend so much time on my phone, computer, and managing my own website as it is. I have pets always wanting attention and enjoy hobbies that don't involve technology. However, I decided it could be fun and take up minimal time if I get used to it. So please follow me and then I will be more motivated to pay attention and upload content. @nevinphx

While I'm at it, I created a TikTok. I wound up there on a whim and created an account there too so I could watch some video. Why not? lol, I'll post a question on Twitter asking what you all like seeing on TikTok from providers that's within their rules. I could do oracle readings in lingerie or something, maybe? Haha! Idk what goes on there yet, but I know it's easy to get kicked off. So we will see, @nevadareine is my handle there.

As always thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Don't be a stranger! Better take advantage of my specials because it's rare that I run them. This economy has us all adapting though, so I do what I can and whatever is necessary in the moment! Thank you for your support!



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