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I've never really promoted BDSM sessions mostly because I don't consider myself a "Pro Domme" by industry or lifestyle standards. I've had no formal professional training, and I've never immersed myself in the lifestyle or community. I believe it's fraudulent and disresptful to make such a claim unless you've earned the title and are recognized as such. I've studied and dabbled a bit, and have just enough knowledge and equipment to create a fun and interesting experience for beginners or those who are interested in something different. I call it "soft core" BDSM. ;) At the very least it makes for fun role play and pratice for me and the "sub" who requests it. Boundaries and limitations are set, of course, right from the beginning. Wanted to mention it here in a quick blog just so you know it's available as an option. I feel like there's a lot of those who are curious but maybe a little intimidated by it. So feel free to inquire if you're wanting something new, maybe some practice, or just a little fun and adventure.


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